HF Communication Solutions

Arya Communications presents the state-of-the-art HF Communication equipment and solutions from the world leaders of HF Communications, Barrett Communications, Australia. The equipment comprises of various categories of HF transceivers, tactical antennas, High power transmitters and cross patch hardware. These HF radios form the backbone of our country’s military and paramilitary communication. They are deployed in various scenarios ranging from tactical communication to humanitarian efforts. HF communication does not require vast equipment setup and can be quickly deployed with just a radio set and appropriate and transmitting antenna to establish long distance communication.


These radios are field proven and contain all the latest and cutting-edge technologies. Among their portfolio the digital 100-watt HF static set is the key highlight, which is being used by highly reputed government organizations. It boasts of great features such digital voice, high speed HF Data modem, encrypted voice and data communication and Automatic link establishment to name a few. For 40 years, Barrett Communications has been at the forefront of innovation in high-frequency (HF) radio and recently the have also launched Software defined radios which are going to be game changers in the field of HF Communications.

Digital HF Transceivers

Digital HF Transceivers

Barrett line up of digital HF transceivers can be broadly divided into two categories based on their operational roles i.e., Portable Manpack configuration and Static base station configuration. These sets are equipped with the latest features such secure data and digital voice communication, HF email facility, Automatic link establishment etc.

Software Defined Radios

Software Defined radios

The SDR Transceivers are the centerpiece of the Barrett range of tactical HF communications equipment. They combine Software-Defined Radio technology with the intuitive “ease of use” that has become synonymous with the Barrett name. When teamed with other Barrett HF products, these transceivers provide secure email, data transfer and telephone connectivity within a HF network and outwards to international telephone and internet networks.

Cross Patch

Cross Patch

The Barrett HF-VHF/UHF crossgate provides seamless communications between HF and VHF/UHF networks. It is an effective and affordable solution for extending the line of sight reach of a conventional VHF/UHF networks by linking them to an HF network using Barrett’s HF transceivers.

High Power Transmitters

High power transmitters

The Barrett high power HF Transmitter is a compact rack mounted communications solution developed for base station applications in large HF networks. It can be supplied in 1kW and 500 W versions. The transmitter comes as a complete package with an exciter, power supply, power amplifier, interconnecting cables and all required rack mount hardware.



Barrett also specializes in providing various type of antennas suitable for HF Range of communication. The range includes broadband antenna, whip antenna, long wire antenna to name few. These antennas are rated for high endurance and excellent performance.

We are also committed to the cause of “MADE IN INDIA” and are actively working to reduce dependency on foreign material by exploring opportunities of manufacturing products in India.