Secure Locking Solutions

Arya Communication has built a strong reputation as a provider of quality security products to the banking, retail and Govt. industry. From vault locks to under-counter safes, to safe deposit boxes. We have the banking solution to fit the specific needs. IP Series, Mechanical & Electronic Time Lock, Biometric Lock and Safe Lock offer excellent security solution to various segments.

We offer you an extensive portfolio of innovative, high-quality, products and systems for security and safety from our Principal Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G) – featuring intelligent functionality and modular concepts that grow with your requirements and all of which are designed to minimize your lifetime cost of ownership.

  • Today we are leader in India in the ATM Segment having an installation base of more than 215,000 high security safe locks from S & G which is almost 90% of total ATM population in the country.
  • In the banking segment State Bank of India is the largest user of S&G OTC lock for the last many years.
  • Another prestigious assignment of S&G OTC Lock was carried out by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) for Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM).
  • Our most valued customers are NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, TATA, Hitachi, OKI, Godrej and Gunnebo etc.

For over 160 years, S&G has been providing locking solutions that protect the assets we value most.

  • A Series OTC Locks for ATM Safes & Vaults

    A Series OTC Locks for ATM Safes & Vaults


    One-time user codes and multiple authentications for access.

    Bolt position indicator that closes a circuit when the lock bolt is in either the locked or unlocked position.


    Three modes of operation (bank, service and bank + service) and up to 16 users in bank mode (one programmer code, two officer codes, four administrator codes and 10 user codes).


    Time, date and event duration information generated and stored in the lock so not susceptible to time drift.

    Snap-in touch key reader for fast, accurate transfer of data.


    Underwriters Laboratories Listed Type 1, VdS Class 2, CEN B, A2P B/E and RoHS compliant.


    Two years from the date of shipment from manufacturer.

  • Electronic Vault Lock

    Electronic Vault Lock


    Heavy-duty, motor-driven lock bolt eliminates threat of vibration and bouncing attacks.

    Automatically locks when the safe or vault door is closed and the boltwork is thrown.

    Penalty time feature prevents opening by entering sequential or random codes until a valid code is found.

    Time delay up to 99 minutes.

    Bolt position indicator closes a circuit when the lock bolt is either in the locked or unlocked position.

    Silent duress alarm functionality that sends signal via customer's central alarm system in emergency. (Requires duress module, sold separately).

  • Titan D – Drive and Pivot Bolt for Safes

    Titan D – Drive and Pivot Bolt for Safes


    Newly designed, motor-driven locking mechanism for an extra measure of security and longer battery life.

    Withstands over 225 lbs. of end and side pressure.

    Optional Bolt Position Indicator (BPI) module can trigger alarms, CCTV recorders, or virtually any relay activated security device (requires BPI module).

  • Model 1004 for Safes

    Model 1004 for Safes


    The Spin blocker lock withstands extreme pressure and delivers fail-safe security.

  • AXISBLU Bluetooth Enabled Safe Lock



    Leverages the latest Bluetooth upgrades to bring the technology up to S&G’s stringent security standards.

    New functionality and multiple levels of authentication in mobile devices make AxisBlu’s Bluetooth connectivity a reliable, fully secure method of access.

    Bluetooth range up to 30 feet.


    Pair up to 5 mobile devices along with ten users.

    Compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices that support Bluetooth 4.2

  • A-Series with Display ATM Lock

    A-Series with Display ATM Lock


    A-Seal code generated automatically when lock is closed.

    Bolt position indicator monitors the locked or unlocked bolt position.

    Duress capability via optional duress module.

    Penalty lockout after five failed attempts.

    One-time code via phone dispatch or optional mobile app.

  • Digital Time Lock

    Digital Time Lock


    Non-solenoid construction eliminates threat of vibration and bouncing attacks.

    Penalty lockout feature prevents opening by entering sequential or random codes until a valid code is found.

    Time delay up to 99 minutes.

    S&G's Digital Platform provides a smarter, faster and more secure way to respond to safe security needs by leveraging a well-established technology: the USB 2.0 connector. The result is an evolutionary portfolio of digital products with the S&G Audit Lock Model 3006/3007 at its core.

    All locks in the S&G digital portfolio leverage USB technology. Future plans will allow S&G to address IoT needs, network connectivity, wearable technology, RFID and Bluetooth.

  • NexusIP



    NexusIP delivers the convenience of a centrally controlled internet protocol (IP) security system with no peripheral components or drilling required.

    Our networked electronic safe lock leverages existing Wi-Fi connections to simplify installation and operation.

    Monitor, control, and view activity in real-time through Sargent and Greenleaf’s uniquely streamlined NexusIP safe lock—part of S&G’s innovative digital platform experience.

  • I-Series Touchscreen Keypad

    I Series


    The first and only safe lock on the market that allows in the field-Instant upgrades with enhanced features for total control and flexibility.


    Impact-resistant design and tough metal casing for enhanced durability

    Premium LCD screen:
    Scratch & fingerprint resistant display. Exceeds UL® impact testing standards

    Easy, push-button cover removal for battery change.

    Biometric Finger Scan for unique personal entry that is secure and fast

    Network & Bluetooth connectivity allows for instant upgrades at any time

    User-friendly screen with clearly visible numbers that illuminate for day and night usage


    Reduced supply chain / manufacturing complexity

    Innovative modular design platform

    Feature/function enabled via Firmware & Software upgrades

    Bluetooth, Biometric and Network-enabled functionality

    One-time-code (OTC) functionality (no key management)

    Field upgradable