Digital Radio Solution

Arya Communications presents the state of the art Digital DMR technology based on MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios from the leaders of Digital Communications, Motorola Solutions . These Digital Radios are the go-to technology for enterprises around the world – connecting people wherever they need clear, instant and reliable communications. MOTOTRBO offers a portfolio of digital two-way radios that enable voice and data communications. It combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology for instant communicating, easy decision-making and seamless coordinating. MOTOTRBO brings all the benefits of push-to-talk communications in an incredibly powerful tool that takes productivity, efficiency and safety to a whole new level. MOTOTRBO is truly the next generation of business communications.

MOTOTRBO Systems & Solutions

  • MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect

    MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect

    IP Site Connect uses the Internet to extend the coverage of your MOTOTRBO communication system among geographically dispersed locations.

  • MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus

    Mototrbo Connect Plus

    Connect Plus multi-site digital trunking is an enhanced two-way radio system that enables high volume, wide area communication.

  • MOTOTRBO™ Capacity Plus

    Mototrbo Capacity Plus

    A scalable, single-site digital trunking solution, Capacity Plus enables voice and data communication for up to 1,000 users.

  • MOTOTRBO™ Linked Capacity Plus

    Mototrbo Linked Capacity Plus

    A scalable digital trunking solution, Linked Capacity Plus expands the capacity of your MOTOTRBO communication system even further.

  • MOTOTRBO™ Capacity Max

    Mototrbo Capacity Max

    Blending innovation, your feedback and Motorola’s extensive real-world experience, MOTOTRBO Capacity Max delivers a scalable, highly secure trunked radio communications solution that’s perfect for your business.

Discover what MOTOTRBO can do throughout your enterprise

  • MOTOTRBO Control Room Solutions

    Mototrbo Control Room Solutions

    Integrating powerful voice and data communications with advanced fleet control and dispatch functionalities, MOTOTRBO Control Room Solutions maximize your business operational effectiveness.

  • WAVE Work Group Communications

    Wave Work Group Communications

    Push-to-talk between all of your devices and networks. WAVE connects your disparate networks such as radio, cellular, Wi-Fi, telephony and more so you can communicate between them. Whether on a smartphone, a radio, a computer or any other communications device, your personnel can connect instantly via PTT.

MOTOTRBO Portable Radios

  • XiR P8600i Series

    Xir P8600i Series Radios

    With high-performance integrated voice and data, and advanced features for efficient operation, these radios deliver complete connectivity to your organization.

  • SL1K

    Sl1k Portable Radios

    So incredibly thin and light, MOTOTRBO’s ultimate in discreet communications.

  • XiR P6600i Series

    Xir P6600i Series Radios

    With systems support and loud, clear audio, these next-generation radios deliver cost-effective connectivity to your organization.

  • XiR E8600 Series

    Xir E8600 Series Radio

    Compact and incredibly rugged, the XiR E8600 / XiR E8608 portable two-way analog/digital radio is the perfect solution for the professional on the move.

  • XiR E8600i Series

    Xir E8600i Series Radios

    With a compact design and high-performance integrated voice and data, these radios deliver comprehensive connectivity to your organization.

  • XiR P8600 Series

    Xir P8600 Series Radios

    XiR P8600 Portable Two-Way Radio Series offers double call capacity, enhanced audio and improved range for communications you can rely on.

  • SL2K

    Sl2k Radio

    The slim, light form factor incorporates high-performance integrated voice and data, delivering smart connectivity to your organization.

  • XiR P6600 Series

    Xir P6600 Series Radio

    The MOTOTRBO XiR P6600 digital radio solution keeps employees connected with portable radios that feature best-in-class audio and analog interoperability.

  • SL1M

    Sl1m Radio

    Simple and reliable push-to-talk communication for the mobile, everyday user. With a slim, easy-to-use design and the latest technology for optimum performance, the SL1M provides reliable communication when you need it.

  • XiR P3688 Series

    Xir P3688 Series Radio

    Simple and efficient, the affordable XiR P3688 portable two-way analog/digital radio offers great voice communication now, with the option to enable digital voice when your business is ready.

MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios

  • XiR M8600i Series

    Xir M8600i Series Radio

    With high performance integrated voice and data, and advanced features for efficient operation, these radios deliver complete connectivity to your organization.

  • XiR M8600 Series

    Xir M8600 Series Radio

    The fully-featured XiR M8600 Series mobile two-way radios deliver unrivalled voice and data communications

  • XiR M6660

    Xir M6660 Radio

    The MOTOTRBO XiR M6660 analog/digital mobile radio brings the advantages of digital systems capability at a price you can afford.

MOTOTRBO Infrastructure

  • SLR 5000 Series Repeater

    Slr 5000 Series Repeater

    The MOTOTRBO SLR 5000 Series Repeater delivers high performance, high reliability two-way radio service with all the features you need to connect your workplace.

  • SLR 8000 Series Repeater

    Slr 8000 Series Repeater

    The SLR 8000 Series delivers high performance, high reliability two-way radio service, optimized for your workplace.

Trbonet Solution

Arya Communications is mandated by and represents Neocom Software Limited( Trbonet )- A Motorola Solution software partner promoting their exclusive Software and Hardware Solutions designed for the cutting edge technology wonder Mototrbo range of Radios and Repeaters . TRBOnetTM Enterprise is a powerful control room solution designed to work with MOTOTRBO™ networks of any size and complexity. This IP-based dispatch system offers a wide choice of additional modules, which means that it can be tailored to your individual requirements.

More interstingly, TRBOnet™ Watch is an advanced software packet sniffer designed for logging and analyzing data streams in your MOTOTRBO™ radio networks. Watch is a client-server application, which allows you to monitor the network remotely, thus eliminating the necessity for onsite visits and significantly reducing travel cost.

Trbonet Solution

Aryacom presents a host of software based solutions from the house of Trbonet for specific Verticals like Dial 100, Call Centre Solution, Mining, Oil & Natural Gas , Transportation , Airport and many more . We engage with various Government and Commercial enterprises with a vision to Digitise the Communication packed with user friendly customized softwares to fecilitate the business operations.


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